InaHEA 5TH ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING & International Conference


October 29th- November 2nd, 2018

Welcome Greetings

It is with much pleasure that we invite you to join us at the next InaHEA 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting to be held October 29th – November 2nd, 2018 at Jakarta, Indonesia.

The InaHEA 2018 ASM represents a dynamic platform for researchers, academia, agencies, policy-makers, industry professionals, patients and health service providers to inspire and provoke productive discussions about the future role of health economics and econometrics in providing robust evidence to national health policy and/or the use of health technology.

Plenary Sessions

"Global Health Economics and Econometric (GHE2): Spiraling the Evidence-to-Action Connection"

There will be three plenary sessions at which national and international experts will inspire delegates to think beyond the current state of health economics and econometrics to imagine a future when all parts of the evidence-to-action ecosystem work in harmony. The plenaries will consider the following three topics:

  • Plenary One: “Global Health Economics and Econometrics (GHE2): Impact Evaluation of the National Health Policy”
  • Plenary Two: “Integrating End-stage HTA with MCDA: Decision-Oriented Evidence in Adopting Health Technology”
  • Plenary Three: “Considering Consumers Voices: Bridging the Knowledge-to-Action Gap”
  • Plenary Forth: “Voices of the HTAi Asia Policy Forum: True Evidence; Ensuring independency in the HTA Works’

In this coming ASM, we also create a new initiative agenda in the form of three unparallel side-meetings, targeted to a certain group to discuss specific themes. Participants of the side-meetings include only those who are invited. However, they will be given an access to join in all the ASM agenda. The three unparallel side-meetings consist of the following [organizers) and topics:

  • [CHEYork, IDSi & Ind-HTAC]: “The Use of Threshold CER in Decision Making in Indonesia”
  • [HTAi Asia Policy Forum]: “Policy Forum and Interest Group Manager 2018”*
  • [InaHEA]: “Annual Meeting and Setting Agenda 2019”

Keynote Speakers*

*to be confirmed

Mrs. Sri Mulyani

The Minister of Finance Republic of Indonesia
Macroeconomics on Health/ Impact Evaluation of JKN

Mr. Anies Baswedan PhD

The Governor of Jakarta

Prof Anne Mills

Deputy Director & Professor of Health Economics London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

In the InaHEA 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting, as of routine agenda, we offer a parallel session aims to provide rooms for national and international speakers to exchange and share their experiences and research results to audiences who are interested in various topics on all aspects of GHE2. We invite leading academic scientist, researchers, research scholars, industries, and hospitals,  and ask them to submit their research abstract “See: Call for Abstract” which relate to the ASM theme.


Please do not hesitate to contact us!