April 18, 2018


Goals and Objectives

Revolving around the meeting’s central theme: “(Political) Economics of Non-Communicable Diseases in Indonesia-Gathering Evidence for National Action Plan” there are some of questions and issues that will be covered at the ASM, including:

  1. To understand the challenges and cost of NCDs in Indonesia
  2. To understand the current and projection of burden on NCDs treatment
  3. To share information to improve health policies at the national and regional government and at institutions
  4. To share information among institutions such as hospitals, clinics, health centers, pharmaceutical companies, etc
  5. To exchange information across Asian Countries
  6. To get insight from academicians, health economist econometrics from other countries

Why should you attend

With the target speakers and/or participants from around the world focused on learning about economics and political economy of NCDs, the ASM is your best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Health economics community. Conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential personals, make a splash with new developments in the field, and receive name recognition at this 3-day event. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, and the newest updates in Health economics are hallmarks of this ASM.

Scope and importance

  • NCDs
  • NCDs and SDGs
  • Determinants of health care
  • Increased demand for health care
  • Cost-effectiveness of technology and/or healthcare provision
  • Impact evaluation of health policy
  • Maximum value for money by ensuring cost-effective treatment
  • Micro economic evaluation at treatment level
  • Market equilibrium
  • Evaluation at whole system level
  • Planning, budgeting and monitoring mechanisms