April 12, 2018

Presentation Material Mini Symposium

In relation to “Mini Symposium on InaHEA Scholarship and Launching of Updated BPJS Kesehatan Data” which were held on:

Date  : Wednesday, August 28th 2019
Time : 2 PM – 4 PM WIB
Place : Ballroom Sri Sulawesi E.S. Lantai 3, Gedung Barataranuh, Kantor Pusat BPJS Kesehatan

Herewith we publish the presentation material presented by Prof. Budi Hidayat, SKM, MPPM, Ph.D and dr. Andi Afdal Abdullah, MBA, AAK

  1. Potetial use of BPJS Claims Data
  2. Materi Presentasi BPJS Kesehatan – Andi Afdal Abdullah